Saturday, November 7, 2015

Things that Must End ...

MRT Station Potty
Creative toilet use. Learn to use a toilet, sink, and anything else related to restroom facilities--trash cans, hand dryers, soap, and towels--and then leave. If you visit another country with higher sanitation standards (yes I said higher and not different) elevate yourself and adapt to those standards. Why do you think it's called a toilet seat? Nobody should have to wipe footprints from toilet seats. 

3 years ago posts in my Facebook feed. I barely cared when it was 3 seconds old. 3 years later it looks desperate.

Different usernames/passwords for every site and app. I can't read a recipe without creating a username and password and deciding whether or not to subscribe. You can't use the same username and password for every site, not just because it's not secure but because the rules are different, e.g., with letters, numbers, characters, for every site. I would gladly submit to sphincter scan technology if it made these passwords go away. 

Gate-ifying. Deflategate, emissiongate, emailgate. Do millennials know the origin of this scandal? There aren't even any reviews on Yelp for what looks to be a gorgeous hotel.

Clothing size inflation. The smallest size at JCrew is 000 and the largest is 20. Will negative powers be next? It's time to hit the reset button and align with the UK and Australia whose size range is 0 - 24. How can we ask for honest food labels if we can't be honest about what size clothing we wear? If you want to wear a smaller size, be smaller. Or do a photoshop equivalent on the labels sewn into your clothes and pretend.

Pretend coffee. Frappés are milkshakes and milkshakes are dessert, I don't care where you buy them. And if that doesn't make sense to you let me break it down ('cause that's what your body is trying to do). Coffee = 0 calories. Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino = 590 calories.

Way too complex cash transactions. Rite Aid has a litany of steps just to buy trash bags even when paying cash. It's ridiculous. Can we just do that? No, I don't want to ... 
  • type in a phone number for the wellness program
  • provide a zip code
  • donate $1 to this month's charity
  • purchase a bag for 10 cents
  • complete customer service surveys
  • deal with your receipts that are 2' long
I am a faceless human being who gives you a ten dollar bill and gets trashbags, change, and a receipt. Now that Walgreen's is buying Rite Aid I hope this ridiculous behavior ends. 

New Boogeymen. Pretending that anything other than climate change and the food we eat is a threat to civilization. Sure, today it's automatic weapons and last month it was a terrorist group responsible for Syrian refugees. But climate change threatens the air, water, and food supply and will kill us all tomorrow. And so far ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the heart disease and strokes killing us today.

Back seams. I don't buy clothing from H&M, Zara, and the other companies that make clothing entirely out of fossil fuel because I hate back seams. Though back seams make the garment easier to construct and use less material, but they are unflattering and make dresses look cheap. I guess this is why I practically live in Lululemon. But high five to H&M for recycling clothings and allowing us to drop our old stuff in their bins. 

Yahoo! issues. I think Yahoo has gone to crap because MM fired everyone who wouldn't come into the office daily. But I am tired of the constant spinning wheel of death when I try to access Notepad or my email. It's been years. Please fix it already.

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