Friday, February 19, 2016

Singapore Signage: Context is Everything

The signage in Singapore is amusing. It looks as though key phrases and words from English have been copied and pasted into the signs, but without proper context or missing words so it reads as nonsense. The FDWs (Filipino Domestic Workers) or helpers as they are called locally have uniform of shorts, thongs, and tee shirts that either say I heart Singapore or irreverent or sassy phrases that are also missing context. Here are a few signs I saw traveling around Singapore that have amused me: 

Hush Hush Hannah
The trains are clean and everyone behaves, busying themselves with videos, games, or social media on their handphones. Hush Hush Hannah, who is on the doors when entering the train, has her own hashtag and is a reminder not to have the volume too loud when using headsets or talk loud enough to disturbs others. I guess her counterpart on the LA Metro would be STFU Larry.

Sexy Thai Food

We walked through the Star Vista shopping center after eating a paleo lunch at Cave Man Food and came across a Thai Restaurant. Porn means "blessing" or "fruit" in Thai, depending on the context. Nothing about the restaurant is overtly sexual, not even their menu suggests anything sexy like Jenna Jameson Fries. Then why the closeup of the elephant's butthole? I can't answer that. 

Calorie Suggestion

Singaporeans love their food, but as the obesity rate climbs 1% each year within the population I have seen a few PSA's that suggestion eating less. This is one of them. If you're watching your calories here are some Singapore Hawker meals and their calorie count. As long as you don't have snacks between meals or beverages you may be able to get away with three meals a day from a Hawker center, but don't expect the dishes to be healthy

Hot Desserts
Flavors vary from culture to culture. Western palates prefer sweeter tastes like fruits, chocolate, caramel, or liqueurs. Though local flavors like Durian are particular to southeast Asia, flavors like black sesame, peanut, yam, bean, water chestnut, egg, and fungus are flavors enjoyed by the local Chinese population. 

Poo Free

Who doesn't want to walk in a poo free park? I saw this sign during one of my nature walks. It was posted outside of a park. Fines for not picking up after your dog start at $1,000.

Watch Zone

This watch zone sign was posted outside of a HDB (Housing Development Board) property next to my home. (HDBs are apartments owned by citizens.) The area in question has picnic tables and a vending machine and is within the parking lot. It doesn't seem like a natural area to host a birthday party but I guess they didn't want the memorial services to be set up here, as memorial services are more appropriate to the badminton area. 

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