More Skinny Days is a failed diet and exercise blog I started in 2008 when I began tracking calories and nutrients as a cholecystectomy alternative. But I stopped writing after six months because I lost 20 lbs and my gallstones went away. Maybe I am being too hard on myself by saying "failed." It failed as a blog, but not as a means to lose weight and cure gallstones. 

I revived More Skinny Days when I moved to Singapore in August 2015 with my husband and our dog. Prior to moving to Singapore I worked in Los Angeles with smart and goofy people where I managed digital projects for entertainment companies. Those smart and goofy people made me feel more normal by showing me The Oatmeal, Sad and Useless, Demotivators, and Thug Kitchen. I hope to share the thoughts that interrupt my socially acceptable pastimes such as hiking mountains with Mr. Handsome, getting more eyes on more ads to fund my 401k, and preventing the build-up of goo. 

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